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Родословная Damascusroad Lily O the Valley


BIS/BISS/BPISS Can/Am CH Chriscendo Coldplay

Ch. Starfire's Hello It's El Hottie Ch. Starfire's Nicolas El Grande ROM Ch. Great Elms Master Mark ROM Ch. Cedarwood's Image Of Diamond
Great Elms Sweet Candy ROMX
Ch. Starfire's Marina ROM Ch. Starfire's Rocky
Starfire's Sweet Dreamer
Starfire's Strawberry Marmaladel Ch. Starfire's Silverado Ch. Tomho Revel Lee
Starfire's Rafaella
Ch. Starfire's Aunt Jemima Ch. Valcopy Wakhan Valentino
Starfire's Rosa Nite Live

Chriscendo Catwalk

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Can Ch. Peppipoms Classically Yours

Am/Can Ch. Chriscendo Classico BIS Can Ch. Chriscendo Centre Stage ROM

BIS Am/Can Ch. Chriscendo Classica

Windmist Whatyagonnado Can Ch. Chriscendo Coastwind

Windmist Private Collection

Ch. Chriscendo Catcall Ch. Chriscendo Call To Arms (Colt) Ch. Foxworth Frontier Spirit
Ch. Chriscendo Call Girl
Chriscendo Cat's Meow Ch. Chriscendo Candy Man
Chriscendo Curiousity


Damascusroad Dreams of Hannah


BIS Can. Am.

CH. Chriscendo Call To Arms ROMX

CH Foxworth Frontier Spirit

CH. Ozarks Spirit of Oakridge

CH. Rock N Tradition of Oakridge

Merry Rock Music of Oakridge

CH Foxworth First Class ROMX

CH. Chriscendo Classico

Emcee's Chriscendo Catarina

CH. Chriscendo Call Girl

BIS CH. Chriscendo Centre Stage ROM

Can/Am CH Chriscendo Calvin Klein ROMX

CH. Razzle Dazzle Classique

Hallmark's Lady McVoy

CH. Chriscendo Claim to Fame

Hallmark's Sweet Victoria


Bavanew's Angel on Damascusroad

CH. Bavanew's Rambo Goes Freelance

BPIS CH. Bavanew's The Dragon Master

(Multiple BPIS)

BPIS CH. Bavanew's Superman

(Multiple BPIS)

Bavanew's Charming Tara
Bavanew's Colourama

Bavanew's Top Gun ROMX

Bavanew's Blk and Tan Dreamer
Dannylad's Lara

CH. Cheyennes Dapperdan O'Dannylad

CH. Timmy Timstopper of Lenette

Great Elms Alice of Lenette

Bavanew's Courtney Rose

Bavanew's Top Gun ROMX

Bavanew's Distant Star